What is VPN ? Why I use VPN ?


VPN is short form of Virtual Private Network
which allow you do hide your identity on the
internet and increase your privacy in these days
you can also get a VPN for free but if you really
need to do some important work I suggest you
to purchase one.

VPN helps you to access region restricted and
banned websites .

When you are using internet by using a VPN,
your computer contacts the website by encrypted
connection. You can also browse websites from
any other country like if you want to browse any
website which is banned in your country you can
browse it from any other country.

And also your browsing activities may visible to your
ISP, the government and or the website which
you are surfing VPN will help you to hide your identity
on the internet yes when you browse the internet with
a VPN it will not show your original IP address it will
show the IP address which is provided you by your
VPN provider. So you can also access those websites. where your IP address is blacklisted or blocked.
 but if you are using any untrusted VPN
service there is possibilities to leak your browsing history
or any sensitive information.

Here is how to setup VPN for Windows PC...

In Windows 7
Click the start button and type VPN in the search box
and click on the 'set up new VPN connection' option.

In Windows 10
Click the search box on taskbar and type VPN and click
on the 'change virtual private networks' setting it will bring
you to the VPN setting window now click on add a VPN
connection and now enter your VPN login credentials
you can enable and disable VPN from the network icon
in the system tray.

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